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Mecklenburg County has a strong slate of candidates in the November election; they are each listed below. Click on their names to get further information from their websites and GET INVOLVED! We know the Koch Brothers are spending at a record-setting pace. Grassroots always trumps out-of-state funding!

Click Here for early voting sites.

Click Here to print the Democratic Party Blue Ballot voter guide for Mecklenburg County.

Statewide Candidates

U.S. Senate Kay Hagan
NC Supreme Court Sam Ervin
NC Supreme Court Robin Hudson
NC Supreme Court Cheri Beasley
NC Court of Appeals John Arrowood
NC Court of Appeals Lucy Inman
NC Court of Appeals Mark Davis

Mecklenburg Candidates

U.S. House of Representatives District 8
Antonio Blue
District 12
Alma Adams
NC Senate District 37
Jeff Jackson
District 38
Joel Ford
District 40
Joyce Waddell
District 41
LaTrice McRae
NC House of Representatives District 88
Margie Storch
District 92
Robin Bradford
District 98
Natasha Marcus
District 99
Rodney W. Moore
District 100
Tricia Cotham
District 101
Beverly Miller Earle
District 102
Becky Carney
District 106
Carla Cunningham
District 107
Kelly Alexander
Board of County Commissioners At-Large
(vote for three)
Pat Cotham
Trevor Fuller
Ella B. Scarborough
District 1
Leonard Richardson
District 2
Vilma Leake
District 3
George Dunlap
District 4
Dumont Clarke
District 5
Art Cardenas
County Clerk of
Superior Court
Elisa Chinn Gary
Sheriff Irwin Carmichael
Superior Court Judge
District 26B
(vote for one)
Eric Montgomery
David Kelly
Carla Archie
District Court Judge, District 26 Donald Cureton, Jr
District Court Judge, District 26 Rickye McKoy-Mitchell
District Court Judge, District 26 Paige B. McThenia
District Court Judge, District 26 Regan A. Miller
District Court Judge, District 26 Theo Nixon
Yolanda Trotman
District Court Judge, District 26 Becky Thorne Tin
District Court Judge, District 26 Alicia Brooks
Soil & Water
(vote for two)
Nancy Carter
Shawn Greeson