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July General Meeting

We hope you had a great Fourth of July. Our next meeting will be held, Monday July 14, 2014 at 6:30 PM. We will meet at the ASIAN LIBRARY located at 1339 Baxter St., Charlotte, NC. Immediately following there will be a brief Coordinated Campaign meeting, that will begin promptly at 8:00PM. 

Meeting Agenda:

Pledge of Allegiance
Moment of silence
Vice Chairs Reports
Auxiliary Reports
Chair’s Comments

For more information please contact Toria Boldware, MCDP Secretary, at secretary@meckdem.org   We hope to see you Monday!






A Message from MCDP Chair

Robin Bradford

Fellow Democrats, it is our duty to make sure we are getting out the vote and working together in getting Democrats elected. We are in the midst of the 2014 campaign season, and we cannot make a difference in this election if we are not on the same path and working together.
We need you to support all candidates in this 2014 campaign season starting with the following: (note: those in blue are opposed)
  • US Senate Kay Hagan
  • US Congress (12th Dist.) Alma Adams
  • NC State Senate Dist. 37 Jeff Jackson
  • NC State Sen. Dist. 38 Joel Ford
  • NC State Sen. Dist. 40 Joyce Waddell
  • NC State Sen. Dist. 41 LaTrice McRae
  • NC House Rep. Dist. 88 Margie Storch
  • NC House Rep. Dist. 92 Robin Bradford
  • NC House Rep. Dist. 98 Natasha Marcus
  • NC House Rep. Dist. 99 Rodney Moore
  • NC House Rep. Dist. 100 Tricia Cotham
  • NC House Rep. Dist. 101 Beverly Earle
  • NC House Rep. Dist. 102 Becky Carney
  • NC House Rep. Dist. 106 Carla Cunningham
  • NC House Rep. Dist. 107 Kelly Alexander
  • BOCC at Large Patricia (Pat) Cotham
  • BOCC at Large Trevor Fuller
  • BOCC at Large Ella B. Scarborough
  • BOCC Dist. 1 Leonard Richardson
  • BOCC Dist. 2 Vilma Leake
  • BOCC Dist. 3 George Dunlap
  • BOCC Dist. 4 Dumont Clarke
  • BOCC Dist. 5 Art Cardeñas
  • Clerk of Superior Court Elisa Chinn Gary
  • Sheriff Irwin Carmichael
                      Dist. 26 Court
  • Alisha Brooks
  • Theo Nixon
  • Yolanda Trotman
                        State Judicial
  • Judge Robin Hudson
  • Judge Cheri Beasley
  • Judge Mark Davis
  • Judge Sam J. Ervin III
We will be discussing our plans for the 2014 campaign season on Monday, June 2, 2014 at Sensibly Chic – 830 Lamar St. (off of Central Ave) Charlotte, NC at 6:30pmPlease attend and be prepared to sign up for the various teams in getting the job done. Let’s work together in getting Democrats elected while making a real difference!
Enjoy your Day!
Robin Bradford
Chair, MCDP